GSA's OASIS+ is the next GWAC you need to be on. 

This page is not only full of information on capture plans to pre-solicitation checklists, proposal plans, and bid/no bid evaluations but a resource if you want to onboard for this venture. Check out our proposal support packages below.

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What's Included ...

1. Collect and review Qualifying Experience Project documentation, provided by the Client, to determine an approximate number of points each project could earn (up to 10 projects)

2. Review substantiating company documentation of certifications/clearances to ensure compliance (Volumes 4 and 5)

3. Recommend which domains the Client has the best chance of receiving an award in and provide a substantiating list of qualified projects

4. Provide a list of missing documents or major disqualifiers


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Our webinars have moved and are now part of our exclusive support packages! Click below to learn more about our tiered solutions featuring interactive webinars, compliant templates, training videos, and how-to guides to help you prepare for this critical bid.

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Check out Trident's OASIS+ video resources in our YouTube channel. From the latest in our OASIS+ webinar series to the latest solicitation updates; all in short video form.

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Follow our OASIS+ blog for the latest news and analysis of the solicitation. Our capture and proposal SMEs digest for you the critical details to know and follow.

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If you want to get a seat at the OASIS+ table, we have the right team for you. Our GWAC SMEs have helped capture billions of dollars in contract ceiling via IDIQ, OTAs, and GWACS. 

"It is not an exaggeration to say that we could not have done this bid without your team. Thank you to Mike Schoep, Lauren Ramirez, and Christy Smith-Buechler for the expertise and patience they demonstrated with all my questions."

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