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OASIS+ On-Ramp Expected FY25

From GSA ‚Äď Upcoming dates:

  • Estimated award dates: Throughout Q3 and Q4 FY 2024
  • Notice to Proceed (official start date to buy or sell services): Estimated Q3 and Q4 FY 2024
  • Solicitations re-open: The OASIS+ Solicitations will re-open in FY25 and will be continuously open to receive offers.

Congratulations to everyone who bid on OASIS+! This journey was a marathon, not a sprint, and you've successfully crossed the finish line. As we eagerly anticipate the bid results, we're maintaining this page for you. Why? Because the General Services Administration (GSA) has signaled its intent to reopen the solicitations and keep them accessible throughout the program's entire lifecycle. Stay in the know by checking our regularly updated blog. For the latest insights, subscribe to our blog and follow us on LinkedIn and X. Your source for comprehensive Government Contracting and Proposal Support information.

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GSA's OASIS+ is the GWAC you need to be on. 

Discover the ultimate resource for OASIS+ proposal success! Our page is packed with essential information, from capture plans to pre-solicitation checklists and bid/no bid evaluations. Take your venture to the next level with our proposal support packages - the perfect solution for effortless onboarding. Don't miss out, check them out now!

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OASIS+ On-Ramp Support Packages

Eligibility Check

  • Review of Qualifying¬† Experience Projects
  • Review of Certifications
  • Review of Registrations
  • Customized Report on recommendations actions to maximize on-ramp success
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