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Our FastProp Process is an agile, iterative process that breaks down the proposal cycle in six phases: Prepare, Kickoff, Outline, Review, Revise, and Submit. This process will keep your team well organized and on track. 

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1. Prepare

Identify a strong proposal team, conduct a gap analysis on your abilities vs. expected task areas, gather past performance, brainstorm possible solutions, and do proposal training. 

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2. Kickoff

Set expectations on level of effort and timelines for the entire proposal team so that each member has all the information that they need in order to execute their role successfully. 

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3. Outline

Frame your company’s response and winning story according to the solicitation instructions and evaluation criteria, ensuring a compliant response that's easy to grade. 


4. Review

Change bullets into prose and shape the proposal in accordance with your win themes. Iterate the content into its final shape, with the collaboration of your review teams. 

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5. Revise

Address reviewers' feedback and continue to improve the proposal content. Incorporate win themes and cut material that does not answer the direct questions of the RFP. 

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6. Submit

Complete the proposal, and perform quality assurance checks to ensure no administrative mistake disqualify your pursuit. Confirm receipt and await award.

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