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#MemorialDay Series Day 2: Sgt. Myron Bickel

memorial day May 23, 2022
Sgt Myron Bickel

Today’s Memorial Day series post highlights Army Sgt. Myron Bickel who was killed in World War II at the age of 19. Myron Bickel is the Great Uncle-in-Law of Trident’s Kristi Bickel

Sgt Myron Bickel

Myron Bickel left to fight in WWII before he finished High School, though his father later received his diploma on his behalf while Bickel served overseas. He joined the U.S. Army Air Forces (commonly referred to as the Army Air Corps and later to be abolished and re-started as the U.S. Air Force). He was in the “Mighty Eight” in the 705 Army Air Force Bomb Squad and attained the rank of Sergeant.

A month after leaving high school, he served as a tail gunner for an England-based B-26. While flying on a mission on March 24, 1944 to drop supplies for troops over Germany he was killed in action.

For Kristi Bickel and husband Brannon, they honor Myron’s memory by talking about him to their children. “Even though we never met him, we strive to keep his legacy alive.” Having never had the chance to finish high school, go to college, choose a career, find the love of his life, travel, and more, Bickel and her family are reminded of his sacrifice. For her children, “we talk about standing up for what is right even when it’s really hard or scary, serving others, and above all - to be grateful for his sacrifice and all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

Today, we honor Sgt. Bickel and his ultimate sacrifice. 

 news article of sgt Myron Bickel