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We can augment, train or be your capture and proposal team. If you want to do it yourself (DIY), you can start with our resources and tools. Our tools are “capture tested and approved”, and tell you how to prevent errors that could disqualify your bids. Our experience forged our methodology, and it will increase the number of opportunities you can win.

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Proposal QuickStart Guide

If you are adventurous, in a pinch, or need a solid "cliff notes" checklist to make sure no detail of your proposal is left to chance, try this. A great DIY resource, Trident's proposal QuickStart guide is just what you need to get your proposal done, ensuring that you submit a 100% compliant bid.

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FastProp Process

If you want more than the "cliff notes", but you still want to do it yourself, then get the FastProp process book. It expands the QuickStart, presenting each of the six proposal stages in full detail. For proposal newbies and experts - FastProp is a great resource to have in your library.

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FastProp Video Class

If you want more than the book, or you prefer to follow along with a video, consider our FastProp video course. It is excellent for individuals or teams. It's a DIY resource that you can use to train on your own time, conveniently segmented so you can "learn and do" at the same time. 

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Video Library

Check out Trident's video resources in our YouTube channel. From the latest in our OASIS webinar series, to the latest proposal management tips; all in short video form.

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Trident's Blog

Hungry for some practical capture and proposal management knowledge? Check out our blog for the latest tips, training and resources to make your proposal team perform at its best.

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Trident's Podcast

In the office or on the drive home; if you want to give your eyes a rest, check out our podcast. Every episode is continued proposal training on how to become a pro of the craft.

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