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Your agile process to 100% compliant bids

Trident's Quick Start Guide

Keep your proposal  team organized; on track!

Responding to a request for proposal (RFP) is a corporate investment that requires efficiency, organization, and attention to detail. Capture and proposal efforts use valuable corporate resources that should used to generate revenue. Following a convoluted outdated process can result in reworks that can cost you the new business you aim to secure.

Part of Trident's FastProp process, our Quick Start guide outlines and organizes the major activities of the proposal management cycle, and provides proposal experts and rookies alike with checklists, templates, and a roadmap to generate 100% compliant proposals.

Using Six Steps to
Consistent Success

FastProp is an agile, iterative process that breaks down the proposal cycle in six phases: Prepare, Kickoff, Outline, Review, Revise, and Submit.
The process will keep your team well organized and on track.

Our Quick Start guide is a useful reference tool that is...

  • Easy to learn and implement
  • Adaptable to ALL solicitation processes
  • Saves time and effort
  • Eliminates costly unforced errors
  • Minimizes useless steps
  • Improves proposal content quality
  • Compels action by showing value to the evaluation board
Download your Quick Start Guide!

The proposal methodology for lean and efficient capture teams.

Trident's FastProp process and its Quick Start Guide consolidates the lessons learned and proposal management experience your capture and proposal team needs to succeed. Eliminate guesswork, reworks, and mistakes using the guide our experts use.

Want to level up? Learn and use our FastProp process.

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Customers do the bragging for us...

Chevo Consulting

Ops. Director

"Thanks for your support on our proposal. Your support allowed us to develop a compliant and very compelling proposal while allowing Dan and I to breathe a bit realizing you had our back."

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John Riley, GM

"Trident provided superior proposal support,  quickly integrating into the Proposal team and significantly contributing to completing the proposal.  We could not have successfully completed without Trident's support." 


Capture Manager

"As with most coaching, your natural inclination might be skeptical on the need for outside help, but you will absolutely be grateful to have received it. Trident [helped us see] things we were not even perceiving."