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We write world-class proposals, so you can win.

Selling to the US Government is not rocket science, but it requires proficiency and strict adherence to a complex, convoluted, and thoroughly regulated process.

Get on-demand professional services from subject matter experts (SME) on Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) procurement, with experience and knowledge, tailored to your specific industry, business type, products, and services.

We have helped our customers win over $2B in awards. We can start work with you today!

Drive My Proposal Work
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Our Proposal Managers lead our clients with experience. From a Task Order managers, to a Volume Leads, we have them for you.

Proposal Management
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You have the knowledge and expertise. Our Proposal Writers redact and edit winning proposals with our clients. They "answer the mail in spades".

Proposal Writing
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From complete volume reviews, to Key Resume editing, technical edits save proposals from unforced errors that disqualify proposals every day.

Technical Editing
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It's more than saying, "yes; we can do this and are compliant" - you have to prove it with facts and edit it so the evaluation board agrees with you!

Compliance Checks
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Proposal Reviews

Our SMEs will review your proposal using best in class practices. White, Pink, Red or Grey review teams will help your winning theme shine!

Proposal Reviews

Mind your P's and Q's

The simplest omission or error in your proposal can disqualify your otherwise perfect bid, and cost you millions of dollars in lost opportunities.

Trident Proposal Management experts can augment your team, review your work, or actually be your proposal team and do it all for you.  If you want to do it yourself (DIY), get a head start with our resources and tools.

Check My Proposal Work

Trident's FastProp Process

FastProp Process

Six Steps to Proposal Success

FastProp is our very own proposal management process. It's lean, effective, and produces 100% compliant proposals that show to evaluation boards, through facts in compelling narrative, that your products and services merit award!


FastProp's Quick Start Guide

If you are adventurous, in a pinch, or need a solid "cliff notes" checklist to make sure no detail of your proposal is left to chance, try this. A great DIY resource, Trident's proposal Quick Start guide is just what you need to get your proposal done, ensuring that you submit a 100% compliant bid.

Get Proposal DIY Resources

Trident's FastProp Process

If you want more than the "cliff notes", but you still want to do it yourself, then get the FastProp process book. It expands the Quick Start, presenting each of the six proposal stages in full detail. For proposal newbies and experts - FastProp is a great resource to have in your library.

Get Proposal DIY Resources

More Trident Proposal Management Tools and Resources

TRIDENT YouTube Channel

Video Library

Check out Trident's video resources in our YouTube channel. From the latest in our OASIS webinar series, to the latest proposal management tips; all in short video form.

Trident's YouTube Channel

Trident's Blog

Hungry for some practical capture and proposal management knowledge? Check out our blog for the latest tips, training, and resources to make your proposal team perform at its best.

Trident's Blog

Trident's Podcast

In the office or on the drive home; if you want to give your eyes a rest, check out our podcast. Every episode is continued proposal training on how to become a pro of the craft.

Trident's Podcast