Proposal Management and Writing Services

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We Follow Trident's FastProp Process

Proposal Management

The Trident Approach

  • Assist the Proposal Manager in all aspects of proposal management and coordination
  • Manage proposal document control for Color Teams and final consolidated document for White Glove review
  • Assist and/or train staff in their roles on the proposal and to conduct QA and compliance
  • Prepare templates and other proposal artifacts
  • Support/assist in the development of Blue Team outlines and annotated outlines
  • Support writers by giving them real-time feedback on their content to increase relevancy and specify an impact of their sections
  • Coordinate calendar events and Color Team meetings
  • Track progress to the calendar of events and adjust the calendar as necessary

Benefits to you

  • Keeps the team in the market by making money and generating IL and DL
  • Reduces confusion, delays, and rewrites
  • Ensures the Color Team Process is followed but not overdone
  • Ensures new PMs are successful, and trains future proposal leaders
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Tech Edit

The Trident Approach

  • Draft files with a set style guide that is compliant with RFP requirements
  • Edit final proposal documents prior to submission to ensure consistent format, style, and appearance

Benefits to you

  • Increases readability, compliance, and visual appeal of final documents
  • Allows you to focus on content and not appearance
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Proposal Writing

The Trident Approach

  • “One voice” document
  • Reduce passive voice
  • Increase impact of statements
  • Format consistently
  • Generally improve the readability of the final documents
  • Build Cross Reference Matrix, Table of Contents, and Acronym lists

Benefits to you

  • Increases readability, compliance, and impact of final documents
  • Ensures a final polished product is ready for the Government to review
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The Trident Approach

  • Collect all available open source and database information on specified client to support targeted plans (Gov, Tableau, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Conduct a market space analysis
  • Identify upcoming opportunities
  • Facilitate a formal Customer Analysis meeting with a team of SMEs familiar with the client and technical work

Benefits to you

  • Supports effective call plan development
  • Educates the team prior to execution of the call plan
  • Ensures marketing and sales are tailored and coordinated for a specific client
  • Reduces the client's rationale for declining
  • Provides a holistic view of a client's support needs
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