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Pricing Strategy and PTW

Pricing is both art and science...

And we master both dimensions.

One of the most critical elements of a good capture plan is the pricing strategy, and one of its most important elements is determining the "Price to Win" (PTW). To properly price your proposal, whether you are selling goods or services, you must understand your competitor's pricing structure, "wrapping" methodologies and estimated labor rates.

Having a clear understanding of the playing field when you are pursuing any opportunity can be daunting. If you are competing with more than one bidder, it can be a full on nightmare.

Trident Proposal Management, in partnership with Richter & Company, offers comprehensive pricing strategy and "Price to Win" (PTW) services for pursuits. Our special tools and seminars are geared to help your capture team develop a clear pricing strategy, PTW, and win while earning the most profitable business. From full and open (FO) to small business set aside (SBSA) bids; IDIQs to pricing justifications, we have the experience to bid a winning strategy and proposal with you and your team.

Because it is both art and science, there is no silver bullet; so we have to talk. Let's develop a clear understanding of your competition, and develop the best pricing plan for your team.  We are ready to help you!

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Estimating and Pricing Labor Categories

Labor Categories

If you provide professional services to your FedGov/DoD customers, whether via FFP of T&M, having a clear understanding of your competitor's labor categories, structures and rates is a must. If you don't have this you are likely leaving money "on the table" on the deals you win, or losing bids altogether. Through our partnership with Richter & Company, we have developed a comprehensive Labor Category (LCAT) catalog that is tailored to specific customers, contract vehicles and corporations; all on the "up and up". 

Give us a try, and we'll show you how to increase your profitability and improve your Pwin!

Labor Category Assistance
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From elastic Capture and Proposal Management resources and tools, to pipeline development via PMO services and oral presentations coaching. Our elite SMEs deliver high Pwin results; not excuses.

Trident Proposal Services

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Chevo Consulting

Ops. Director

"Thanks for your support on our proposal. Your support allowed us to develop a compliant and very compelling proposal while allowing Dan and I to breathe a bit realizing you had our back."

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John Riley, GM

"Trident provided superior proposal support,  quickly integrating into the Proposal team and significantly contributing to completing the proposal.  We could not have successfully completed without Trident's support." 


Capture Manager

"As with most coaching, your natural inclination might be skeptical on the need for outside help, but you will absolutely be grateful to have received it. Trident [helped us see] things we were not even perceiving."