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 Relevant Experience Deep Dive

Another In-Depth Polaris Webinar By Trident Proposal Management

Hosted by Rebecca Wayland, Senior Proposal Manager and GWAC Expert


Regardless of the pool you are bidding in, over 70% of the possible points on Polaris will tie directly to your relevant experience and past performance. Join us as we take a deep dive into how to evaluate your projects and self-score your experience realistically! In this webinar, we will focus on: 

  • Project requirements for Primary Relevant Experience and Emerging Technology
  • How to select your projects based on your teaming strategy
  • How to examine your documentation so that you self-assess correctly
  • How project alignment will impact your overall score
  • How you can maximize points in Volumes 2 and 3
  • Time to Ask Trident's Experts Anything About POLARIS

We will also cover what you can do next so that you are ready when the final RFP drops.

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Presented By:

Jeff Everage

President and Senior Capture Manager

Jeff Everage’s focus is expanding Trident’s client base and helping companies identify exactly which proposal services could help them rapidly expand their business.

Rebecca Wayland

Senior Proposal Manager and GWAC Expert

Rebecca Wayland is a capture and proposal expert who specializes in helping companies identify opportunities and develop winning proposals within the DoD and Federal Markets. 

"Jeff and Trident were extremely knowledgeable and was able to add value from day 1. In the short amount of time, Jeff was able to expose more of our strengths and improve on our weakness to better position our team for a win."

"As with most coaching, your natural inclination might be skeptical on the need for outside help, but you will absolutely reflect back and be grateful to have received it; it's a series of subtle but effective improvements to things you're not even perceiving."

"Their support is hallmarked by professionalism, timeliness, and quiet confidence. A strength is the ability of Trident to anticipate surge, then reach to the Trident bench for help"