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Trident Knows GWACs, IDIQs and POLARIS!

And we have the stats to prove it...

It's been nearly 15 years since we helped our first client. Small and large, we have helped dozens of customers secure billions of dollars in IDIQ ceiling.

We have taken all the knowledge gained along the way, and put it into our very own methodology, which year-over-year has consistently yielded for our customers a pWin of 80% or above. At Trident, we get the job done!

Let us help you onboard into GSA's POLARIS!

POLARIS Services
Envistacom, LLC

"they got us through it..."

"Exceptionally organized and knowledgable about the [GWAC] process. Patient when working with us...Trident worked closely with the team to ensure we were fully prepared to submit a very complex proposal and guided us through the entire process until it was completed and submitted."

POLARIS Offers from Trident

3rd Party Compliance Check

$4,750 USD


  • Review all of Volume 2 and Volume 3 documentation
  • Complete your compliance and scoring matrix for Polaris within 2 business days
  • Deliver a gap assessment with remedial recommendations
  • Debrief with your capture and proposal team to discuss our findings and recommendations for improvement
Buy Compliance Check

White Glove "Done for you"

$29,750 USD


  • Complete your compliance and scoring matrix for Polaris, and guide you through an initial "Bid/No-Bid Evaluation"

  • Help your team collect, organize, and prepare all materials required to complete your submission

  • Perform a detailed review of your proposal and substantiating documentation to ensure compliance

  • Monitor Q&A and Amendments to recommend updates or adjustments throughout the proposal response period

  • Conduct a final quality check prior to submission

Buy "Done for you"

We have the tools, the skills, the SMEs and the experience!


Onboarding onto an IDIQ can be challenging and downright daunting. Fear nothing.

From making the decision to pursue, to the final Bid/No-Bid, Trident Proposal Management is your Capture and Proposal Management partner. 

Our SMEs have “been there, done that” to the tunes of billions of dollars in captured ceiling, and hundreds of millions of dollars in direct awards. 

We are a marriage of streamlined process and experienced, crafted into an art. We can be a third party to inspect your work and make sure you did not write yourself “off” the competition, or we can be your extended team, doing it all for you with “white gloves”.

  • Proposal Managers
  • Capture Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Market Analysts
  • Grey Team SMEs
  • Coaches

We are them all, and we are here for you!