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Capture and Proposal Tools

POLARIS Capture Tools

Basic Eligibility

This checklist will help you determine your company’s eligibility to inform a Bid/No-Bid decision.




Basic Eligibility
Relevant Experience

This form is designed to help you determine how well a project aligns  to the anticipated Relevant Experience criteria for GSA Polaris.

Relevant Experience
Emergent Technology

This form is designed to help you determine how well a project aligns to the anticipated Relevant Experience – Emerging Technology criteria for GSA Polaris.

Emergent Technology
Coming soon!

Another excellent Capture and Proposal Management tool from Trident's SMEs is on its way! Come back soon.





Coming Soon!


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Next Webinar

Join us for the next webinar in the GSA POLARIS GWAC capture series. Every webinar showcases a new topic, dissected by our Trident Proposal Management Capture SMEs.


With the initial protest resolved, Trident Proposal Management SME's reviewed the current POLARIS timeline, and reviewed three key recommendations to make the most of the upcoming amendments and submission delay.  Are you set?

"Pause" Webinar

Amendments & Protest

In our series continuation, Trident Proposal Management SME's reviewed the GSA POLARIS timeline updates, RFP changes that were made, the POLARIS point matrix changes, and the March 2022 protests. Don't miss this one!

SB/WOSB Webinar

Task Order Management

During this March 2022 webinar, Trident Proposal Management SMEs answered questions about the POLARIS task orders and how to best manage task orders to get out the most out of the POLARIS IDIQ. Get the presentation now.

Task Order Management

Boost Your Score

During this webinar, Trident Proposal Management SMEs provided a POLARIS overview, discussed the scorecard and evaluation process, tips on self-scoring, strategies to maximize points in Volumes 2 & 3, and tips for making the most out of your time.

Boost Your Score

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We are your Proposal and Capture expansion team!

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From elastic Capture and Proposal Management resources and tools, to pipeline development via PMO services and oral presentations coaching. Our elite SMEs deliver high Pwin results; not excuses.

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For POLARIS bidders

If you want to get a seat at the POLARIS table, we have the right team for you. Our GWAC SMEs have helped capture billions of dollars in contract ceiling via IDIQ, OTAs and GWACS. Check out our special offers for POLARIS.

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