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Pipeline Development & Market "Sensing"

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Pipeline Development and Management are the heartbeat of your BD team. Our Market Research, Capture Management and PMO SMEs will connect with you shortly. Complete the form below and get started on developing, grooming and maintaining the opportunity pipeline your team needs to leapfrog the competition.



We do a ton of hard work so you can focus on selling

Our Market Sensing SMEs will scour the DoD/FedGov proposal databases and help you develop and maintain a pipeline that supports your business plan. Our process is simple but effective; we learn and integrate to your business team, find your target and cohort opportunities, and then help you focus on the "keepers" through an objective Bid/No-Bid process. We do the research and your BD team stays where it belongs - in front of your clients.

Our SMEs:

  • Are seasoned market research experts
  • Consistently analyze your existing pipeline for trends
  • Individually review "what good looks like" opportunities for you and your team
  • Prepare Bid/No-Bid review decks for your review
  • Identify cohorts that may be in your blind spot, but still a good fit to pursue
  • Develop your "sweet spot" model of opportunities to pursue

Whether you want to go deeper into your current market, or expand into a new one, Trident Targeted Pipeline Development delivers immediate results to your Capture team. We do the targeting, you do the hunting, and together we win!

How about finding a "Stack of Needles" in a Bale of Hay?

Pipeline development doesn't have to be a drag...

Let’s be honest; pipeline development is a drag. The tools to research, pursue and capture DoD/FedGov opportunities and solicitations are both; expensive, and overwhelming. You truly need to become an expert at them, and dedicate yourself and your team to hours of research just to recover the cost of your investment.

Even if you program all the automatic bots and alerts you want, four out of five members of your team will not use the tool consistently or proficiently. What is worst, they may fill their pipeline, in drone-like fashion, with opportunities you never should have pursued. 

Wouldn't it be better to consistently have new opportunities vetted specifically for your business plan without the hassle and waste?

Wouldn't it be more productive and efficient to conduct Bid/No-Bid reviews on opportunities that are like those you have won in the past? 

Instead of finding a needle in a haystack, work with a stack of needles in a bale of hay!

Pipeline Management

It sounds simple; but it's a bit of an art.

Our Pipeline Management service keeps your Capture and BD team focused on the opportunities that best align with your business plan. What's more, it keeps Sales and Operations in synch and on the same page (see why we say  it's an art?). Stay ahead of re-competes, end of year funding scrambles, and maximize the ROI on your IDIQ, GWAC and OTAs. 


  • Manage your GWAC / IDIQ so your team is ahead of the game
  • Work with BD to make sure you steer to, and seed opportunities with your COR
  • Coordinate BD and Operations so your forecast is perfectly aligned
  • Augments your in-house capture team

Our Bid/No-Bid methodology focuses on facts, analysis and objective evaluations on how your goods and services align with government solicitations. We are not about sunshine or rain; we present the facts and help you make effective and efficient decisions, so you focus and pursue the opportunities that matter most to your business plan.




Trident Proposal Management provides Capture and Program Management Office professional services to augment your Business Development or Proposal teams.

Pipeline Management Services

Our customers do the bragging for us...

Chevo Consulting

Ops. Director

"Thanks for your support on our proposal. Your support allowed us to develop a compliant and very compelling proposal while allowing Dan and I to breathe a bit realizing you had our back."

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John Riley, GM

"Trident provided superior proposal support,  quickly integrating into the Proposal team and significantly contributing to completing the proposal.  We could not have successfully completed without Trident's support." 


Capture Manager

"As with most coaching, your natural inclination might be skeptical on the need for outside help, but you will absolutely be grateful to have received it. Trident [helped us see] things we were not even perceiving."