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For your convenience, here is a link to GSA's website and the current Services MAC documents.

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Next Webinar


Join us for the next webinar in the GSA OASIS+ GWAC capture series. Our SMEs will present the latest information about this must-win massive 10 year IDIQ GWAC follow-on contract to OASIS+.

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OASIS+ Pursuit Update


In this OASIS+ pursuit webinar, you'll learn the importance of starting capture early, organizing, and planning for the long haul. You'll also discover how to evaluate your teaming situation if you're a SB. And last, about being known and "easy to work with".

OASIS+ Episode 005 PPT

Pursuing OASIS+


In this webinar, we talked about capturing your plan early, how to plan for a long haul, how to evaluate your teaming situation if you are and SB, working on your pricing strategy.

OASIS+ Episode 004 PPT

Preparing for OASIS+


We finally have an official name: OASIS+. In this webinar we review the latest information regarding sources sought and focus MP and JV preparations.

OASIS+ Episode 003 PPT



In this webinar we review the latest information and focus on some of the key elements of preparing for better scoring; pricing and MP and JV relationships.

OASIS+ Episode 002 PPT

Kick-Off Webinar

"Let's Pursue OASIS+"

In our series introduction, Trident Proposal Management SME's give us a review of OASIS+, and dive into what to expect for OASIS+ follow-on GWAC.

OASIS+ Episode 001 PPT

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