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Check out Trident's OASIS+ video resources in our YouTube channel. From the latest in our OASIS+ webinar series to the latest solicitation updates; all in short video form.

OASIS+ YouTube Channel

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Follow our OASIS+ newsletter for the latest news and analysis of the solicitation. Our capture and proposal SMEs digest for you the critical details to know and follow.


Trident OASIS+ Tools

From capture plans, to pre-solicitation checklists, proposal plans and bid/no bid evaluations. Check out these free resources to make your OASIS+ capture a success.

Trident OASIS+ Tools

OASIS+ Webinar Series

A webinar series to give you "the edge".

GSA is gearing up to source OASIS+ follow-on GWAC. Subscribe to our webinar series where we will discuss OASIS+ relevant topics, latest developments and recommendations for your Capture and Proposal Management teams.

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Join us for the next webinar in the GSA OASIS+ GWAC capture series. Our SMEs will present the latest information about this must-win massive 10 year IDIQ GWAC follow-on contract to OASIS+.

Trident Services

We are your Proposal and Capture expansion team!

For ALL pursuits

From elastic Capture and Proposal Management resources and tools, to pipeline development via PMO services and oral presentations coaching. Our elite SMEs deliver high Pwin results; not excuses.

Trident Proposal Services

For OASIS+ bidders

If you want to get a seat at the OASIS+ table, we have the right team for you. Our GWAC SMEs have helped capture billions of dollars in contract ceiling via IDIQ, OTAs and GWACS. Fill in the form and we'll get back to you via email within 24 hours.

Customers do the bragging for us...

Chevo Consulting

Ops. Director

"Thanks for your support on our proposal. Your support allowed us to develop a compliant and very compelling proposal while allowing Dan and I to breathe a bit realizing you had our back."

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John Riley, GM

"Trident provided superior proposal support,  quickly integrating into the Proposal team and significantly contributing to completing the proposal.  We could not have successfully completed without Trident's support." 


Capture Manager

"As with most coaching, your natural inclination might be skeptical on the need for outside help, but you will absolutely be grateful to have received it. Trident [helped us see] things we were not even perceiving."

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