Market Management

We Follow Trident's Proven Market Management Process

Trident's Market Management Process

Market Development Team Leadership

The Trident Approach

  • Support and manage your BD and marketing teams.
  • Research and track all potential contracting opportunities.
  • Develop and execute marketing and capture strategies.
  • Prepare for upcoming proposals.

Benefits to you

  • Stops wasting money on expensive underused contract search tools (saving of 15k - 100k per year)
  • Your pipeline is always up to date.
  • Your team is capture focused and ready to bid.
  • Effectice capture improves p-win.
  • Your team is ready for upcoming proposals - no surprises.
  • Reduces analysis of a broad range of opportunities to an hour meeting of vetted opportunities.
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Team Leadership
Contract Intelligence

Competitive Contract Intelligence

The Trident Approach

  • Research and present open source and paid search tools information on a specific client and/or contract to support targetted bid decisions and capture planning.

Benefits to you

  • Stop wasting time on time-consuming, incomplete, and ineffective research.
  • Full understanding of the customer and competitive landscape.
  • Improve bid decisioning and get to no bids faster.
  • Better capture strategy and higher p-win.
  • Effective call planning that shapes RFPs.
  • Marketing and sales tailored and coordinated for the specific client.
  • Provides a holistic view of a client's support needs.
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Pipeline Development and Management

The Trident Approach

  • Develop search criteria based on your "strike zone"
  • Search opportunities on open source and subscription based tools.
  • Research Individual opportunities to determine applicability and suitability for your pipeline.
  • Present opportunities for feedback and refinement of search.
  • Support quick bid decisioning to reduce number of opportunities and focus resources.
  • Maintain your pipeline of qualified opportunities with monthly updates.

Benefits to you

  • Stops your BD team from wasting time and money on search and paid search tools.
  • Maintains a realistic pipeline removes distracting low p-win opportunities quickly.
  • Realistic leading measure of future revenue.
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Pipeline Development and Management
Bid Decisioning

Bid Decisioning

The Trident Approach

  • Implement a rigorous bid decisioning process.
  • Research individual contract opportunities to support milestone bid decisions.
  • Find reasons not to bid first and clear them with capture research and call planning.
  • Develop win arguments that increase p-win.

Benefits to you

  • STOP wasting valuable B&P funding on contracts you can not win.
  • Focus proposal and capture resources.
  • Increase P-Win and at the same time reduce bid targets.
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